Drum Pump Packages: Pump, Transfer, & Dispensing

Drum Pump Packages: Pump, Transfer, & Dispensing

ARO® Drum Pumps are available in three body materials for optimum fluid compatibility.

Choose from aluminum, stainless steel or polypropylene body construction.

Package Components Factory-Matched – ARO® Drum Pump package components contain pre-specified, matching materials of construction for complete fluid compatibility


11-gpm (13.4 l/m) flow capability: drum pumps offer plenty  of capacity to satisfy a broad range of transfer application volume demands
Stall-free operation: ARO® diaphragm drum pumps feature a patented unbalanced air valve design that avoids stall-out, even under low air-inlet pressures
Bolted construction: ARO® diaphragm drum pumps
utilize bolted fasteners for leak-tight integrity
5-year warranty

Drum Pump Packages can be ordered in 3 styles:

Basic: Pump, bung adapter, air safety shut-off,
siphon tube, weather seal, and base
Complete / Transfer: basic pump plus fluid hose
or fluid hose with non-drip nozzle
Complete / Dispensing: basic pump plus foot
valve, hose and dispensing nozzle

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